Community Batik at Sunbird Circle Playground

Community Batik for Residents

Fringe Activity for the residents. Our artists will do the on-the-spot waxing while the residents paint. This is an activity where everyone...

Community Batik

Community Batik at Primary School

Saturday morning at doing community batik at a local primary school. Mrs Kamal helped out the student volunteers and art-Club members who...

Batik Painting Workshop

Batik Painting Workshop for Staff Retreat

Staff retreat batik painting workshop. I extended the theory part a bit longer as they are really keen to know about the culture and various...

Assumption Pathway School Batik Painting Workshop - 1

Batik workshop at Assumption Pathway School

We conducted 8 sessions of batik painting workshop at Assumption Pathway School. The session consists of learning the use of tjanting, applying...

singapore batik

Seng Kang Primary School Farewell Project, Community Batik

A 3 hour batik painting session for the students of Sengkang Primary School. These batch of students had just completed their PSLE (Primary School...


Batik Workshop at Singapore Garden Festival



Batik workshop for fund-raising

Batik Workshop at ITE College Central (Bishan Campus)

We conducted another workshop at ITE Bishan but this time the students were learning batik painting.


Introducing Batik in the Peranakan Culture @ Tanjong Pagar CC

The Lifeskills & Lifestyles Division by the People’s Association is currently having a Peranakan Culture series. It is conducted at...