Singapore caricature

20150901 siling sec caricature masterclass demo

Caricature Masterclass at Si Ling Secondary School (AEP)

A caricature masterclass workshop conducted at Si Ling Secondary School for the students of the school Art Club.

20150124 gac open house studio

Kamal Arts Limited for Goodman Arts Centre Open House 2015

We opened our studios for the public as part of the Goodman Arts Centre open house done annually. Members of the public thoroughly enjoyed our...


Evergreen Secondary’s Movers & Shakers Gallery

I was invited back to Evergreen Secondary for their National Education exhibition. They requested that I do portrait sketches of the ten founding...

Mas Selamat Kastari - Caricature of most wanted man in Singapore

Most wanted man in Singapore: Mas Selamat Kastari

All news is on this man Mas Selamat Bin Kastari who escaped from an Internal Security detention facility on 27th February 08, 4.05pm. He is still...

Cartoon caricature and funny portraits by Singapore Artist and illustrator

Caricature for back-to-school party concept

A team of insurance agents from Prudential comissioned this set of 21 caricatures for their upcoming dinner and dance with a back-to-school concept....

Caricature Greeting Card for corporate greetings during festive season and holiday.

Chinese Lunar New Year Greetings.

Chinese lunar new year will be celebrated on the 7th of February 2008 to usher in the year of the mouse. We’ve had some orders for caricature...

Golf Caricature for boss retirement gift. Singapore Cartoon Caricature Artist

Cool as a Cucumber: Caricature Gift for Retiring Boss.

I received a photograph with this brief:

This is my boss, he is very health conscious, loves golf and is known to be a Mr Cucumber due to...

Birthday party entertainment and gift for guests at Singapore Expo restaurant

Live Caricature event at Birthday Party

It was the first year birthday party for a girl by the name of Tanirika Raj, held at Daawat Tandoori Restaurant at Singapore Expo. I drew a lot...