corporate engagement: the art of Community batik

Community batik at Citibank Singapore campus. The staff Did a wonderful job colouring this masterpiece together. It’s a farewell gift for...


Batik painting

She fell in love at first sight for this painting. Come on head down to our studio to purchase yours!

Cartoon caricature and funny portraits by Singapore Artist and illustrator

Caricature for back-to-school party concept

A team of insurance agents from Prudential comissioned this set of 21 caricatures for their upcoming dinner and dance with a back-to-school concept....

motivation speaker caricature of boss. Retirement gift for general manager of welfare organisation

Retirement gift for General Manager of TCS

Touch Community Services wanted a gift for their GM that is retiring. They wanted me to portray him as a great motivator and inspiring speaker.


Gladiator warriors and amazon woman caricature of executives in sexy body armor

Eighty eight heads in a week. Studio Caricatures for Chairman’s retirement gift

Another banking operation contacted me for a big caricature commission. Coincidentally, my graphic design practice has successfully designed...