Mini Batik Painting

Mini Batik Painting

A short mini-batik session is a great introduction to the traditional art of batik-painting when time is of the essence. We have pre-waxed...

We did a series of graffiti during the launch and pre-launch event for Volswagen Tiguan

Graffiti at Launch of Volkswagen Tiguan

We were commissioned for a series of graffiti during the launch and pre-launch events of Volkswagen Tiguan. A total of 5 dates  totaling 36...

Art appreciation in Singapore for the masses at public event by Singaporean artists

Caricature Drawing at Art-A-Fair, Parkway Parade

It was too bright and hot when the sun shines through the atrium, that was why we drew in shades and hat. Cool hor!

Last weekend (8 &...

Children party drawing caricatures for fun and entertainment

Party Caricature for Family Day Carnival at Vivocity

Mapletree Investments own and operate Vivo city, Singapore’s largest retail and lifestyle destination. Obviously, they held their family...

Caricature drawing at pre-dinner event by Singapore artist

Doctors and Nurses Caricature

Ruoshi and I did a gig for Singhealth‘s Dinner and Dance. One of the doctor being drawn compared the way we draw to how he worked at the...