community batik

National Heritage Board interview

Interview with National Heritage Board

Interview recording and filming for posterity – an intangible cultural asset of our nation.

Community Batik at Passion Arts

Community Batik

Students involvement with the community in conjunction with the Racial Harmony Day. Values in Action (VIA) are learning experiences that...

Community Batik for Racial Harmony Day

Community Batik for Racial Harmony Day

Schools across the nation celebrate Racial Harmony Day. We were invited to schools to facilitate community batik where everyone joins in...

Community Batik

Community Batik

We were invited by Joo Chiat residents to do community batik. It’s their 60th anniversary and it’s heartwarming to see residents young...

Community Batik

Community Batik at Primary School

Saturday morning at doing community batik at a local primary school. Mrs Kamal helped out the student volunteers and art-Club members who...


Malay language Mother-tongue fortnight activity at Yuhua secondary school

Schools also invite us to speak about batik in Malay language, touching on the tradition and culture of wearing batik in Javanese as well as...


Community batik installation

West view primary school adds on the vibrant colors along their spiral staircase. Getting down the steps in colors!!


Batik Painting Workshop for One World International School

We conducted a batik painting workshop for One World International School, held over 4 lessons in a course of 4 weeks. The students were exposed...


Tanjong Goodman Open House 2016 at Goodman Arts Centre

As part of the Tanjong Goodman Open House 2016, we opened our doors to the public for an exciting visual arts experience. We hosted many colourful...

Community Batik Painting at ITE College East (Simei)

Engaging youth from ITE College East (Simei) with community batik painting. The students had a fruitful time completing their painting while...