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Batik Painting Class

Beginner class available everyday 10am or 2pm. Call 63443369 to book a slot.


batik painting projects in singapore schools

Collective Batik Art With Mini Batik Kits

This will turn out well. We packed 300 batik painting kit and waxed extra for 10 classes, made a video about batik painting and how-to instructions...


Newspaper Feature About Making Art During Covid-19 Pandemic

This was for a project commissioned by the National Arts Council of Singapore published by Plural Art Magazine about the Covid-19 Pandemic....

Batik painting how to paint roses flower

Video tutorial: Roses – A mini batik painting process

Our artist demonstrates how to colour the mini-batik kit. Allow the paint to spread within the areas contained by resist lines drawn with wax.


Community Batik

Community Batik for Residents

Fringe activity for residents

Community Batik at Sunbird Circle Playground

Community Batik for Residents

Fringe Activity for the residents. Our artists will do the on-the-spot waxing while the residents paint. This is an activity where everyone...

National Heritage Board interview

Interview with National Heritage Board

Interview recording and filming for posterity – an intangible cultural asset of our nation.

Mini Batik Painting

Mini Batik Painting

A short mini-batik session is a great introduction to the traditional art of batik-painting when time is of the essence. We have pre-waxed...

Batik Painting Workshop

Batik Painting Workshop at CDAC

School holiday programs across Singapore. We were engaged by CDAC to conduct classes at their many centres for the month. Batik painting...

Batik Paintings

Batik Installation at Wisma Geylang Serai

Batik Paintings artwork on display to commemorate Ramadan.