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PAssion Arts Pre-Waxed Mini-Batik Workshop At Balestier

We provide these beautiful pre-waxed batik pieces for community events like PAssion Arts at community centres. Our artists will also be available...


PA Pre-Waxed Mini-Batik In Studio


Pre-Waxed Mini-Batik At West Coast Plaza


Record breaking longest batik painting in Singapore

We completed 550 meters in conjunction with the 1st anniversary celebration of Wisma Geylang Serai.

Mini Batik Painting

Mini Batik Painting Activity

Community Batik

Community Batik


Art Fiesta

Mini Batik Painting

Mini Batik Painting

Mini Batik Painting Booth at the Stamford Art Centre; “A date with Traditional Arts”
“Hi Kamal
Thank you very much to...

Community Batik

Community Batik for Residents

Fringe activity for residents