Batik painting lesson in SIngapore


The ‘GO TO’ place for Batik Painting in Singapore, these are our Batik programmes:

1. Open Studio
2. Batik Workshop
3. Community Batik
4. Mini Batik
5. School Arts Enrichment Programme (NAC/AEP)
6. Batik Demonstration
7. Pre-school Studio Excursion

1. Open Studio

Wednesday Only

1. Morning session 10.00am – 12.00pm  

2. Afternoon session 3:00pm – 5:00pm 

3. Evenings sessions 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Fee $20 per student session. 

Venue: Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road, Blk E #03-31, Singapore 439053.

No pre-requisite skills required. All materials provided. Please do not buy any art materials prior to attending. No registration required, but please call 63443369 to check if we have a blocked engagement on the particular Wednesday you are coming.

Batik is a traditional wax technique for decorating cloth originating from Java. It is also an interesting medium for painting pictures. Participants will be introduced to the traditional methods and be guided on the proper use of tools and processes like waxing with the ‘tjanting’ and dyeing. Progress through the weekly sessions at your own pace.

Not recommended for children below 9 years old. Adult bringing children do so at their sole discretion and shall be held responsible of their child’s action as this is a low supervision activity meant for adults in a working artist studio involving hot-wax. 

*No handicap access as we are located on the 3rd floor with no lift.

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2. Batik Workshop (for groups at your preferred time)

At our studio: $150 (base fee) + $10 (per pax/per hr)
our studio at Goodman Arts Centre is very spacious with capacity of up to 50 participants.

At your venue: $250 (base fee) + $10 (per pax/per hr)
we need to assess and consider if the venue is suitable prior to engagement.

Examples for fee calculation:

Four participants x 3 hours = 

Base Fee $150 + ($10 x 3 hours x 4 person =$120 ) = $270

Twenty participants x 3 hours =

Base Fee $150 + ($10 x 3 hours x 20 person = $600) = $750

Activity will cover:

• History and techniques of traditional batik

• Waxing technique with the Tjanting

• Dye colouring techniques with dye

• Completion of medium size batik painting (A3, 42cm x 30cm)

• Completion of 2nd piece, a small size batik painting (20cm x 20cm)

• Or completion of collective work (size depends on the total number of participants)


3. Community Batik

The Community Batik Project is a highly engaging group activity that is fun for everyone. Discovering our South East Asian cultural heritage while creating a collective work of art. 

Popular at public events and appropriate for corporate team-building sessions. The length and duration can vary according to your requirements. Upon completion, these artwork are proudly installed at the work-place or public areas.

This video link would give you a better understanding of Kamal’s community batik engagement. 

Package engagement is for 4 meter cloth x 3 hours engagement = $ 900 nett (minimum).
The cost is complete engagement package for on-the-spot free form waxing by artist, facilitation and materials. Includes post-production for removal of wax and colour fixing. The finished cloth will be delivered unframed. Please note that we do not touch up the work of participants after the event.

Optional Cost

Additional length/engagement = $75 per metre/ hour.
Cost of design in advance = $100 per draft.
Cost of pre-waxing in advance of engagement = $50 per metre
Mounting service = $75 p/meter length.


4. Mini Batik

(Recommended for children – No hot waxing)

Mini batik is a pre-waxed design on cloth measuring 20x20cm with paper stretcher.
Mini Batik examples can be viewed at our website.

Price is $5 for each 20cm by 20cm size pre-waxed batik.

Optional staff cost of $100 per hour/staff Should you require our staff to be at your event to facilitate the activity including all materials. You will need more staff if you are engaging more than 20 persons simultaneously. 

Batik painting kit cost $9, it consist of one pre-waxed cloth, one paint brush, one plastic palette and three colour dyes (red, blue, yellow). This is makes a good gift and is practical for DIY activity.

Should you wish to manage the session yourself, you can buy materials like batik dyes at $4.50 per 125ml (can colour up to 30 pieces), palettes and brushes from us.


5. School Art Enrichment Programme (NAC/AEP) 

We offer batik painting programmes in schools. Our programmes are endorsed by the National Arts Council of Singapore; Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP) and are eligible for the 50% Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy. We have varied programmes for different levels from primary to secondary schools as well as tertiary institution.

Students will be introduced to the art and craft of batik painting through hands-on experience and gradually learn to use traditional tools such as the ‘tjanting’ to create authentic batik paintings with wax resist technique. Lesson extend to advance batiking techniques and how to make fabrics colourfast.

Cost $8 is per student/hour. Minimum of 20 students x 2 hours.
No additional materials purchase as all materials included.
We can customised a school programmes to suit your very need. Talk to us.


6. Batik Demonstration

A showcase of batik painting. An artist set-up with artefacts and samples to talk about batik painting, 

answer questions and guide participant in some hands-on experience of batik making.

Batik demonstration cost $300 (First Hour) + $200 (subsequent hour). 


7. Pre-School Studio Excursion

A Preschool field trip to a Batik painting studio is a 1.5 hours programme where students will be introduced to the art and process of batik painting. It includes hand’s-on activity of painting their very own mini-batik painting to bring home.

An excursion to the artist’s studio offers an intimate glimpse of the artist, his work and process. Kamal Arts Ltd is the working studio to a group of painters. Nestled at the Goodman Arts Centre Blk E, it is the go-to place for batik painting. The studio is also home to conventional painters, cartoonists, and graffiti artists.

We welcome students to visit us at our studio, view artworks, materials and also the works-in progress. Engage our artist in conversation about inspiration and the process of making art.

The grounds of Goodman Arts Centre is also an interesting place for students to be inspired by murals and sculptures abound.

Cost: $15 per child. No charge for accompanying adult.


Call 63443369 to enquire further or email