Play Me! I’m Yours, Global Street Piano Movement, Singapore

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play-me-im-yours-banner-1.jpg 20160215-play-me-im-yours-piano-graffiti-introduction.jpg 20160215-play-me-im-yours-piano-graffiti-lesson.jpg

The youths were given an introduction to graffiti - its history and culture. More importantly, they were educated in the dos and dont's in graffiti writing.


One of our graffiti instructors giving a short briefing, before the youths start to practise their graffiti writing.


The youths were given the time to practise their tagging and writing. Most of them have never tried their hand at graffiti.


Overlapping of positive words and tags, our concept for the piano.

20160215-play-me-im-yours-piano-graffiti-spraying-piano.jpg 20160215-play-me-im-yours-piano-graffiti-writing.jpg

The following day, the youths then began to decorate the piano, based on what they're picked up the previous session.

20160215-play-me-im-yours-piano-graffiti-complete-piano.jpg 20160215-play-me-im-yours-piano-graffiti-final-piano.jpg

After much spraying and touching up, the piano is finally complete!

We are honoured to be part of the Play Me! I’m Yours Global Street Piano Movement organised by The PlayTent Pte Ltd. For this project, we were partnered with the youths from Care Corner – Teck Ghee Youth Centre. Over the course of a few days, the youths, under the guidance from our instructors, were tasked to decorate the piano provided by The PlayTent.

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