Mini Batik Painting Workshop (AEP) at St Stephen’s School

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Our batik instructor briefing the parent volunteers before the start of the activity.

20160201-st-stephen-mini-batik-assembly.jpg 20160201-st-stephen-mini-batik-introduction.jpg 20160201-st-stephen-mini-batik-conducting-brief.jpg

At the start of every one of our workshops, we conduct a short introduction to the history and culture of batik painting.

20160201-st-stephen-mini-batik-activity.jpg 20160201-st-stephen-mini-batik-painting.jpg 20160201-st-stephen-mini-batik-painting-activity.jpg 20160201-st-stephen-mini-batik-colouring.jpg 20160201-st-stephen-mini-batik-colouring-activity.jpg

The students are free to fill in the pre-waxed mini batik pieces with the colourful batik dyes. Having pre-waxed designs allows younger students to experience batik painting safely without the use of hot wax, something that we reserve for the older students (9years and above)

Held a one day mini-batik painting workshop for the students of St Stephen’s School. Our mini batik workshops do not require any hot waxing and is suitable for large groups of younger students (aged below 9 years)

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