Batik Open Studio every Wednesday at Goodman Arts Centre

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Our workshop participants will start by applying their chosen design onto the cloth using hot wax.


After hot waxing is complete, the participants will then fill in the spaces with our batik dyes.

20160203-wednesday-open-studio-batik-piece.jpg 20160203-wednesday-open-studio-painting-dyes.jpg

Workshop participants will be taught various ways to paint their batik pieces.

20160203-wednesday-open-studio-workshop-painting.jpg 20160203-wednesday-open-studio.jpg

A group of our workshop participants with their finished pieces from the batik painting open studio session.

We conduct batik painting workshops every Wednesday 3-5pm and 7-9pm in our studio at Goodman Arts Centre. The workshops cost $20 per session and all materials are included. There is no registration involved, just a call beforehand to notify us which session you would be attending. The workshops are not structured by a set period of time, so you can pop by whenever you have the time and pick up where you have left. Our friendly instructors will be more than welcoming to assist you in the making of your own batik art piece.

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