Tanjong Goodman Open House 2016 at Goodman Arts Centre

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The live caricature drawing done in our studio. Visitors of the open house were welcome to get their caricatures drawn.


One of our caricature artists feeling the pressure from the crowd.

20160123-gac-open-house-facepainting.jpg 20160123-gac-open-house-facepainting-workshop.jpg 20160123-gac-open-house-face-painting-lesson.jpg 20160123-gac-open-house-face-painting-class.jpg

Our face painting workshop conducted by our award-winning face painters, also held in our studio at Goodman Arts Centre.


Down in the main exhibition hall, we held our community batik sessions for the open house. Here our batik instructors wax the designs onto the cloth, before visitors come and fill in the colours.

20160123-gac-open-house-community-batik-event.jpg 20160123-gac-open-house-community-batik-painting.jpg 20160123-gac-open-house-batik-dyes.jpg

The wide array of colourful batik dyes we use for our community batik painting workshops.


The community batik is fun and easy for everyone of all ages.

20160123-gac-open-house-community-batik.jpg 20160123-gac-open-house-completed-piece.jpg

The completed community batik piece, jointly done by the visitors.

As part of the Tanjong Goodman Open House 2016, we opened our doors to the public for an exciting visual arts experience. We hosted many colourful art activities which included a face painting workshop, live caricature drawing and multiple community batik sessions. The events we held at Goodman Arts Centre.

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