Batik Painting Workshop for One World International School

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20160112-owiss-batik-briefing.jpg 20160112-owiss-batik-conducting-brief.jpg

Our qualified batik instructors providing a briefing and demonstration at the start of every batik painting lesson.

20160112-owiss-batik-waxing.jpg 20160112-owiss-batik-lesson-waxing.jpg 20160112-owiss-batik-painting-class.jpg

Students will learn how to apply the hot wax onto the batik cloth, under the supervision of our batik instructors.

20160112-owiss-batik-tracing.jpg 20160112-owiss-batik-painting.jpg

After drawing the designs onto the cloth with hot wax, the students can then fill in the spaces with colourful batik dyes.

20160112-owiss-batik-complete.jpg 20160112-owiss-batik-community-batik-waxing.jpg

Our community batik allows everyone to work together to produce a collective work of batik art.


Working together creates a wonderful memory for the students who get to work together to achieve something together.

20160112-owiss-batik-community-batik-painting.jpg 20160112-owiss-batik-community-batik-workshop.jpg 20160112-owiss-batik-community-batik-completed.jpg

The students and their completed community batik painting.

We conducted a batik painting workshop for One World International School, held over 4 lessons in a course of 4 weeks. The students were exposed to traditional batik painting methods, like hot waxing and using batik dyes. They were also taught a brief history on the culture of batik painting.

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