Community Batik Workshop for Syniverse Technologies

~   by admin on Nov 13, 2015.
20151113-syniverse-community-batik-at-kamal-arts-ltd-studio-workshop.jpg 20151113-syniverse-community-batik-at-kamal-arts-ltd-studio-single.jpg

A workshop participant starting with our mini batik painting before starting the larger community batik painting.

20151113_144659.jpg 20151113-syniverse-community-batik-at-kamal-arts-ltd-studio-painting.jpg 20151113_144649.jpg

Here the staff begin to fill in the community batik painting with coloured dyes.


Organised a community batik workshop for the staff from Syniverse Technologies. The community batik workshop conducted at our studio in Goodman Arts Centre was part of their team-building activity. The staff were introduced to the history and culture of batik painting before starting to paint the community batik.

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