Graffiti Urban Art Workshop at Si Ling Secondary School (AEP)

~   by admin on Sep 29, 2015.
20150929-graffiti-urban-art-siling-primary.jpg 20150929-graffiti-urban-art-siling-primary-tagging.jpg 20150929-graffiti-urban-art-siling-primary-tag.jpg

The students practicing their spray painting with 'tagging' on boards in our art enrichment programme.

20150929-graffiti-urban-art-siling-primary-workshop.jpg 20150929-graffiti-urban-art-siling-primary-students.jpg

Our qualified art enrichment programme instructor guiding the students in their spray painting of a graffiti wall mural for the school.

20150929-graffiti-urban-art-siling-primary-spraying.jpg 20150929-graffiti-urban-art-siling-primary-wall-painting.jpg 20150929-graffiti-urban-art-siling-primary-wall-mural.jpg

The students and their completed wall. At the end of the art enrichment programme, the students will have created their own masterpiece, under the guidance of our qualified instructors.

Graffiti workshop for the students from Si Ling Secondary School. Our Graffiti Urban Art Workshop is available as an art enrichment programme (AEP) for schools. The workshop is an introduction to graffiti culture and its spray painting techniques.

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