Batik Painting Workshop for ITE

~   by admin on Jul 28, 2015.
20150728-ite-corporate-batik-workshop-introduction-briefing.jpg 20150728-ite-corporate-batik-workshop-demonstration.jpg

Our certified batik painting instructor briefing the batik workshop participants before doing a demonstration of the batik waxing process.

20150728-ite-corporate-batik-workshop-hot-waxing.jpg 20150728-ite-corporate-batik-workshop-waxing.jpg

The participants of our batik painting workshop outlining their chosen designs with hot wax onto the batik cloth, using the tjanting, a traditional batik painting tool.

20150728-ite-corporate-batik-workshop-painting.jpg 20150728-ite-corporate-batik-workshop-class.jpg

After the design has been completely waxed onto the batik cloth, the participants of our batik workshop begin to paint their batik piece using the different batik dyes.


The participants of our batik painting workshop showing off their completed traditional batik paintings, all done in our Goodman Arts Centre studio.

Our batik painting workshops are popular for corporate team building activities. We conducted such a workshop for a team of staff from ITE (Institute of Technical Education) in our studio at Goodman Arts Centre.

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