Community Batik for Central CDC at Ngee Ann City, Orchard Road

~   by kamaldollah on Jan 15, 2013.
2012-december2-batik-dyes-cdc-community-colorful-painting-4m-cloth.jpg 2012-december2-batik-painting-minister-singapore-colorful-brushes.jpg 2012-december2-cdc-batik-painting-kamaldollah-minister-singapore-colorful-batik-painting-waxing.jpg 2012-december2-waxing-tjanting-colorful-painting-batik-dyes.jpg

EMBRACE 2012 organized by Central CDC is an event celebrating people with special needs. It was held in front of Ngee Ann City shopping mall at Orchard road. Our community batik was a fringe activity open to the public. Shoppers, passer-by, event participants and even tourists chip in their effort into making a large painting that was to be displayed in the Central CDC office.

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