Batik and Caricature for Mother Tongue Week @Unity Secondary School

~   by dinohafian on Aug 23, 2011.
unity-secondary-school-batik-caricature-1.jpg unity-secondary-school-batik-caricature-2.jpg unity-secondary-school-batik-caricature-9.jpg unity-secondary-school-batik-caricature-8.jpg unity-secondary-school-batik-caricature-7.jpg unity-secondary-school-batik-caricature-5.jpg unity-secondary-school-batik-caricature-4.jpg unity-secondary-school-batik-caricature-6.jpg unity-secondary-school-batik-caricature-3.jpg

We were engaged by Unity Secondary School to conduct batik and caricature workshop as part of its Mother Tongue Week. A 3 hour session which gives the students an opportunity how the community batik is made, and at the same time how a caricature  can be done in 5 mins.

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