Community Batik for Teachers At Bukit Panjang Primary

~   by luthfimustafah on Jan 20, 2010.
community-batik-bukit-panjang-primary-teachers-singapore-art-1.jpg community-batik-bukit-panjang-primary-teachers-singapore-art-3.jpg community-batik-bukit-panjang-primary-teachers-singapore-art-4.jpg community-batik-bukit-panjang-primary-teachers-singapore-art-5.jpg community-batik-bukit-panjang-primary-teachers-singapore-art-51.jpg community-batik-bukit-panjang-primary-teachers-singapore-art-6.jpg

“Teachers enjoyed themselves tremendously. It was an excellent platform for interaction and cooperation between staff. Teamwork and togetherness were evident during the workshop. Excellent way to unwind and bond at the of a day’s work and also start the day.”

Mdm Rashidah, Art Teacher @Bukit Panjang Primary School

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