Caricature for back-to-school party concept

~   by kamaldollah on Feb 17, 2008.

I reminisced the days when I had hair and always playing truant.

school-theme-artist.jpg school-theme-beauty.jpg school-theme-caricature.jpg school-theme-cartoon.jpg school-theme-carnival.jpg school-theme-dining.jpg school-theme-drawing.jpg school-theme-dinner.jpg school-theme-disco.jpg school-theme-musical.jpg school-theme-fun.jpg school-theme-funny.jpg school-theme-sexy.jpg school-theme-singapore.jpg school-theme-reunion.jpg school-theme-rave.jpg school-theme-sports.jpg school-theme-swing.jpg school-theme-party.jpg school-theme-gag.jpg

A team of insurance agents from Prudential comissioned this set of 21 caricatures for their upcoming dinner and dance with a back-to-school concept. I reminisced about my schooling days while doing this and thus managed to come out with 21 different poses to elaborate on the given theme. Too bad is was not done in colour.

Note: We established a website specifically for our caricature drawing services in January 2008 at: WWW.CARTOON.SG. More caricatures can be viewed there. Please click here.

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