Guns in school. It’s airbrush time!

Our airbrush lessons develops fine motor skills and is extremely gratifying at the end of each session. This lesson was modified for special...

Assembly Programme introducing the art of caricature with demonstration

Students at WoodGrove Primary entertained with a lively caricature drawing demonstration by master artist Kamal Dollah

Wednesday is Batik Open-Studio Day

Our open batik studio on Wednesdays are conducted 3 sessions. Morning: 10am-12noon, Afternoon: 3pm-5pm, Evening: 7pm-9pm. It’s only $20...

corporate engagement: the art of Community batik

Community batik at Citibank Singapore campus. The staff Did a wonderful job colouring this masterpiece together. It’s a farewell gift for...

new course! airbrush painting

Now available under NAC/AEP with grants.

Batik painting class open to public every Wednesday

This sweet couple doing batik together during our regular Wednesday sessions at goodman arts centre. We have it all day. You can start at 10am...

Graffiti art for youth – an elective Programme for school students

Students learn the art and craft of graffiti from qualified art Instructors under the National Arts Council, Art Enrichment Programme (NAC/AEP)....

school assembly Art show – funny faces, the art of caricatures.

A fun introduction to caricature and portrait drawing art by practicing artist. Inspiring interest in Visual arts among students in singapore...

watercolor workshop for customers of cosmetic company

A leading cosmetic brand engaged us to run a watercolor workshop for their destress workshop. The theme for the session was chrysanthemum. In...

art training for special need students

We learn as much as we teach. Graffiti is not the easiest form of art for them but it’s enjoyable.

graffiti workshop for schools

Tagging to bombing without breaking the law. Learn and apply graffiti into a positive art expression.

Mother Tongue Fortnight

Malay students from whole school of Tanjong Katong Primary School did mini batik painting for this year’s Mother tongue fortnight Programme....

A3 Batik painting

Our client who always comes back to us for a batik workshop for her school exchange programme. Today we had a team of Japanese students.

Open batik Session

Our regulars for the evening open batik session did immersion dyeing tonight! Look how happy they are!
Come on join us after work for a batik...

Classroom caricature demonstration in under 10-minutes

Part of our lesson includes quick draw along sessions to demonstrate our style of caricature art. Lesson 2 of 4 at Spectra secondary school caricature...

Batik Painting for Art Club

Art club students from Yuying Secondary School

Open Batik Session

Hi all! come on down for our Open batik session every Wednesday!
Please call 63443369 to let us know you are coming!
Ps: 15th March 2017 only...

Mini Batik Painting

Mini batik painting done for Tanjong Katong Primary School. P6 & P3


AUG Beijing team is writing to show our sincere appreciation for your arrangement again.

Thank you for holding another amazing workshop for...

Malay language Mother-tongue fortnight activity at Yuhua secondary school

Schools also invite us to speak about batik in Malay language, touching on the tradition and culture of wearing batik in Javanese as well as...

Batik painting workshop with talk on Malay culture

A three-hour workshop for students at River Valley High School

Cartoon Characters Creation

Cartooning with those cute little students from Grace Orchard school.